Curso online Inglés B2

Modalidad: Teleformación 

Duración: 60 horas

Bonificable 100% FUNDAE

Si se precisa se puede hacer prueba de nivel para determinar el curso apropiado al nivel del alumno.


Capacitar al alumnado para utilizar el idioma con soltura y eficacia en situaciones habituales y más específicas que requieran comprender, producir y tratar textos orales y escritos, conceptual y lingüísticamente complejos, en una variedad de lengua estándar, con un repertorio léxico amplio, aunque no muy idiomático, y que versen sobre temas generales, actuales o propios del campo de especialización del hablante.


UNIT 1 - X-Ray

Present tenses review , What we look like and personality. Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Continuous, Scanning the body and organs. Past tenses review: Past simple, Past continuous and Past perfect,  Phrasal verbs for health. Articles, Countable/ Uncountable nouns and Quantifiers, Gestures, ways of looking, ways of speaking and mental processes.

UNIT 2 - Keep fit

The passive voice, Eating habits and ways of cooking. The impersonal passive. The causative and direct and indirect objects, Sports and games. The question tags, Phrasal verbs for sport and games.

UNIT 3 - Weather the storm

Reported speech, Reporting verbs. Environmental problems, Reporting in the passive. The weather and extreme weather conditions, Reported questions, imperatives and requests. Weather expressions and phrasal verbs , Modal verbs: Certainty, ability, permission, advice, obligation and necessity.

UNIT 4 - Are you techy?

Future tenses, New technology and science. Defining and non-defining relative clauses, Phrasal verbs for science and technology. Zero, first and Second conditional. Television and press. Third and mixed conditionals, Word formation for media and technology.

UNIT 5 - Living today 

Modals of ability, permission and advice, Permission words. Modals of obligation, probability and possibility, Jobs. Make and let, Job interviews. So and such, Business. Education, Modals.

UNIT 6 - Business before pleasure   

Working life, Expressing purpose. Business, Connectors. Expressions for working, How to express contras. Word patterns for business and phrasal verbs, Unreal past and wishes.

UNIT 7 - Travel light 

Means of transport, Indirect questions. Town, cities and countries, Be used to. Tourism, Get used to. Travelling, Too and enough / So and such.

UNIT 8 - Murderer or assassin?

Possessives, The law and crime. Indefinite pronouns: No-,some-, any, every- ( where, thing and body), Word formation for the law and crime. Adjectives and adverbs, Collocations for the law. Both, Both of, none of, all and every, Phrasal verbs for crime and law.

UNIT 9 - The price of fame    

Inversions , Art. Other inversions and expressions with 'make', 'let' and 'do', Cinema. Literature, Future constructions.

UNIT 10 - Outer space

Other ways in the future, Sci-fi. Knowledges. Thoughts. Opinions, Phrasal verbs for opinión.

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