Curso online Inglés B1

Modalidad: Teleformación 

Duración: 60 horas

Bonificable 100% FUNDAE

Si se precisa se puede hacer prueba de nivel para determinar el curso apropiado al nivel del alumno.


Utilizar el idioma con cierta seguridad y flexibilidad, receptiva y productivamente, tanto en forma hablada como escrita, así como para mediar entre hablantes de distintas lenguas, en situaciones cotidianas y menos corrientes que requieran comprender y producir textos en una variedad de lengua estándar, con estructuras habituales y un repertorio léxico común no muy idiomático, y que versen sobre temas generales, cotidianos o de interés personal.


B1 UNIT 1 - Something about me

Present simple and present continous, Countries, nationalities and languages. Adverbs of frequency, Music, films and books. State verbs, Agreeing and disagreeing. Articles, free time activities.

B1 UNIT 2 - A thing of the past

How  to talk about the past, Irregular verbs. Ways of speaking. Used to , Linking exprssions. Countable and uncountables, expressing like and dislike.

B1 UNIT 3 - What's the matter? 

Adverbs, Parts of the body. Possesives, Accidents and injuries. –ed and –ing adjectives, Family and relationships. Looks like and looks, Adjectives of personality and adjective order.

B1 UNIT 4 - It's unfair! 

Collocations, Word formation. Comparatives and superlatives, Judgemental nouns. Questions and short answers, Politics. Verb petterns, Words that go together.

B1 UNIT 5 - Make it a rule!

Modals of ability, permission and advice, Permission words. Modals of obligation, probability and possibility, Jobs. Make and let, Job interviews. So and such, Business.

B1 UNIT 6 - Next week's lessons

How to talk about the future, Education. The passive voice, Greetings and verbs for greetings. Modals of deduction, The time. Have something done, Prepositions of time.

B1 UNIT 7 - At home 

Say and tell, Places. Reported speech, At home. Relative clauses. More things you can find in a house. Phrasal verbs, Words amd phrases for describing objects.

B1 UNIT 8 - Our planet

Reporting imperatives and requests, Giving directions. Question tags, False friends and confusing words. Collocations II, The weather. Zero first conditional, The environment.

B1 UNIT 9 - What's on TV tonight?   

Too and enough, Adjectives II. More phrasal verbs, The media. Verb patterns II, Preposition of place. Second conditional, Means of transport.

B1 UNIT 10 - Fashion victims

Indefinite pronouns, The media II. So + verb or neither/ nor + verb, Fashion. Compound nouns, Prepositions of movement. Third conditional, Food and cooking.

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