Curso online Inglés A2

Modalidad: Teleformación 

Duración: 60 horas

Bonificable 100% FUNDAE

Si se precisa se puede hacer prueba de nivel para determinar el curso apropiado al nivel del alumno.


Capacitar al alumnado para utilizar el idioma de forma sencilla pero adecuada y eficaz, siendo capaz de comprender, expresarse e interactuar, tanto en forma hablada como escrita, en situaciones cotidianas, que requieran comprender y producir textos breves, en diversos registros y en lengua estándar, que versen sobre aspectos básicos concretos de temas generales y que contengan expresiones, estructuras y léxico de uso frecuente.


UNIT 1 - You and me

You and me, Daily activities, Present simple, What do you do in your free time?, Questions, Expressions with ‘get’, ‘take’ and ‘have’, Personal details, How to express possession, Daily activities, What do you do in your free time?, Expressions with ‘get’, ‘take’ and ‘have’ and Personal details.

UNIT 2 - People I love

People I love, Past simple, Countries, nationalities and languages, Echo questions, Family, Responses with ‘too’ and ‘either’ or 'neither', Past time expressions, ‘So/Neither do I’, Jobs, Countries, nationalities and languages, Family, Responses with ‘too’ and ‘either’ or 'neither', past time expressions and so/neither do I.

UNIT 3 - It's a special day

It’s a special day, Present continuous, Dates, Special days, ‘Going to’, celebrations, and holidays, Telling the time, Indirect objects pronouns, Prepositions of time, Phone expressions.

UNIT 4 - This is where I live

This is where I live!, Just one or many?, Places in town, Prepositions, Rooms and furniture, Order of adjectives, Food and drink, Types of nouns and how to express quantity and In the kitchen.

UNIT 5 - Are you OK?

Are you OK?, 'Have' and ‘ have got’, Parts of the body, How to describe people, ‘Look’ or ‘look like’ and ‘be like’, Health, Modal verbs, Opposite adjectives * -ed/-ing adjectives and ‘would like to’. 

UNIT 6 - I was... when you...

I was... when you..., Types of films, Past continuous, TV shows, Past continuous vs past simple, Types of music, Reflexive pronouns, The weather and Pronouns ‘one’ and ‘ones’.

UNIT 7- Have you ever...? 

Have you ever...?, Present perfect, Housework, Connectors and 'Have you ever...?', Shopping, Present perfect with 'just', 'already' and 'yet', Clothes, Present perfect  vs past simple, Accessories and Present perfect.

UNIT 8 - What will happen?

What will happen?, Will/won’t, Words to talk about your holidays, Transport, Future with ‘may’ and ‘might’, At the airport, Present tense for future meaning, Future time expressions, ‘How long does it take? – It takes...’ and Arrive in/at.

UNIT 9 - If it's more expensive...

If it's more expensive, Adverbs of manner, Easily confused words, How to make comparisons, Common collocations, First conditional, Common phrases for e-mails, Adverbs of degree and Basic phrasal verbs.

UNIT 10 - What is this?

What is this?, Technology, ‘-ing’ and ‘to+infinitive’ structures, Nature and geography, Something, anybody, nowhere...., Shapes and material, Relative pronouns, Text messaging and The passive voice.

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